I am ridiculously pleased with dessert made from a banana, sugar free dark chocolate pudding and Reddi Whip.

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Blogging Habits

Well, I clearly have lost my daily blogging habit. Need to get back on that, especially as things are happening that I have thoughts about.  I used to be pretty good about it, back in the beforetimes. Time to be better about it, particularly with Hugo season once again approaching!!



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Long Weekend INCOMING!

It’s been One of Those Weeks, primarily at work (although also just busy in general.) Now the time has come for a blissful four-day weekend (thank you, State of Maryland) during which I have NOTHING PLANNED that doesn’t involve food with friends. Okay, I lie – I just also scheduled massages for tomorrow morning for the Big Man and me. But that’s it. Sure, there’s stuff I’d like to get done, and there will be writing and life-maintenance stuff, but all too often I set myself up for crazy too-busy weekends. This weekend, not so much. I’m hoping to get caught up on some of my Hugo watching/reading and like that, but all in a very mellow, relaxed way.

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Rogue One: Still A Pretty Good Film

As will likely come up a great deal over the next few weeks, it’s Hugo season here at the IO. Specifically, this means I’m busy reading and watching and listening so as to be an informed voter. (Voting closes July 15!)

Friday night, The Big Man and I watched Rogue One again. It’s up for a Hugo for Dramatic Presentation – Long Form, and we hadn’t seen it since we saw it opening weekend in the theater, so it was time to watch it again. That first night, I was absolutely willing to be swept away by the scenery and the music and the deep familiarity of the world of Star Wars. Even though the story has a tragic ending (sorry, spoilers don’t apply on films from last year!) the heroism and the characters worked for me – I was blind to the errors and problems, and was excited to see how a real female lead would be handled. (I have a Jyn Erso action figure on my desk, so it clearly worked for me!)

Are there issues? Sure. Is the CGI for two key characters a little weird? Yes, although it works – on first watch, I barely noticed it. In the bright light of my lounge, a little more obvious (and I knew to look for it), but still, not overly disturbing. Is it a little slow in places because of backstory? Sure. But for me, the greatest tragedy is that we’re introduced to a half-dozen really interesting and excellent characters, and now they’re all gone, so unless someone makes Star Wars 3.5 (assuming this is something like Star Wars 3.95) we’ll never see them again. And that makes me sad.

To round out a Star-Warsy weekend, last night we went to see the NSO conducted by the delicious Steven Reineke doing a program of the music of John Williams. (Happy 85th birthday, Maestro Williams – may you have many more!) Reineke is an energetic and enthusiastic conductor and he clearly loves his work. The program he selected opened with the Jaws ‘shark theme’ which, heard live, is very, very scary! The rest of the first half included pieces from other films (Harry Potter, Saving Private Ryan, Lincoln, ET, War Horse) as well as a piece Williams wrote for the Olympics in 2002 (I think).  I love how Williams uses the entire orchestra – the French horn and trumpet got a good workout last night, along with the flute and a lot of percussion work (nice style tympani player!) There was also some excellent work by the Choral Arts Society on several pieces. The second half began with the Star Wars overture, then did one piece from each of the seven films. It was excellent, and I’d almost forgotten how good the music is for some of the really terrible films (I’m looking at you, episodes 1-3). For an encore, they did the Cantina theme which had the audience in stitches.

This is the second time this spring I’ve seen Reineke conduct and would love to some more – we’re already eyeing next season’s programme.

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Bringing it all together

So as I mentioned in my bio, I’ve been online a long time but not all in one place. I’ve started this blog partly as a way to capture (at least for my own archival purposes) a bunch of older content, as well as blogging more about writing and life going forward.

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